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Sun / Earth Geometry
Solar Declination, Distance Earth to Sun, Difference True and Mean Solar Time Worldwide
MINES ParisTech - Armines
Daylength - Sunrise and Sunset Worldwide
MINES ParisTech - Armines
Extraterrestrial and Top of Atmosphere Radiation
Extraterrestrial irradiance (E0), i.e. received by a plane normal to sun rays and outside the atmosphere Worldwide
MINES ParisTech - Armines
Top of Atmosphere (ToA) radiation, i.e. received by a horizontal surface and outside the atmosphere Worldwide
MINES ParisTech - Armines

Please find here the link to the Solar Geometry libraries developed by the Mines ParisTech research center:

  • Solar geometry 1: For the compilation, refer to the files README and INSTALL. There is no example of use of the library, but the codes provide a satisfying number of comments to help using this library.
  • Solar geometry 2:
    • Article: Blanc P. and L. Wald, 2012. "The SG2 algorithm for a fast and accurate computation of the position of the sun for multi-decadal time period", Solar Energy 88, 10 (2012). pp 3072-3083
    • Solar-Geometry-2 in C: This zip compressed file contains the library, a makefile for the Unix environment and an example of use of the library. This is still a code for research, so it contains quite a limited number of comments. As well, no recommendation is given to create the makefile in the Windows environment.
    • Solar-Geometry-2 in Matlab

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